Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Note: Maybelline The Nudes

This was purchased for me, by my husband, once from CVS and then he purchased a second one for me from Rite Aid later.

The Maybelline The Nudes palette was used for two weeks for my What's New Wednesday and Second Try Saturday. For the first three uses I followed the suggested quad applications on the back of the palette, for the final use I came up with my own combination, something I do not normally consider myself very good at which is why I was interested in this in the first place. Used Wet n Wild Fergie Primer all four times.

The first quad from the left:
The white shadow did not really show, but I was using it lightly as a brow bone highlight so I was not expecting it to show much. The rest of the shadows showed well, were easy to apply, and blended well together.

The middle quad:
I used the beige shadow as the brow bone highlight and against my skin tone it did not really show. The shimmery yellow, which I believe was supposed to be the brow bone highlight was surprisingly pigmented. The shadows again all showed well together and blended well together. I was very happy with how this quad worked for me.

The last quad from the right:
I again seemed to have swapped the brow bone highlight and lid shadows, but it worked well for me the way it was. This was a low strength day for me so it did take a bit more effort to blend the shadows in this quad than it had for the other two, but that most likely had more to do with the way my muscles were working rather than how the shadows worked.

My own combination:
I used the beige shadow from the middle quad from the lash line to the brow bone. I used the lightest gray in the last quad, lightly in the crease. I used the darkest shadow in the first quad to deepen up the very end of the crease. I used the black shadow as a liner applied with a smudger brush. I unintentionally creased an entirely matte eye shadow look, but they worked well together and I was happy to be able to come up with an eye shadow look from across the whole palette that I liked.