Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Empties: Makeup I Have Used Up: 12-30-2014

A few of these have been sitting in the bag I store this stuff in since July; I’ve not been feeling the most up to organizing my thoughts on these things so it has taken a while to get posted.

Wet n Wild Fergie: Clear Coat

This nail polish is what I use as my base coat and sometimes as a top coat if I am testing the polish and don’t want to use a top coat that might actually extend the life of the polish. I’m not saying it is a bad polish, just that it would not be difficult to find much better ones. This particular bottle is actually only half used but was already getting thick and gooey and I have so many backup clear nail polishes that I didn’t feel the need to try and revive this one.  My husband knows clear polishes get used every time I do my nails so he buys them whenever he sees one on sale.

Profusion Black Nail Polish

I have probably used this two or three times, but I only actually remember the last time and it didn’t work very well for me. It was so thick on the nail that as it dried the polish pulled itself apart and created streaks that showed my bare nail beneath it. Fortunately I have another black polish already from Wet n Wild so if I really need one, I have one to use. Black isn’t a color I reach for often because I tend to prefer brights and pastels over really dark shades, but it is nice to use every once in a while around certain holidays (Halloween, New Years with a glitter top coat to look like stars). I do like Profusion eye shadows and blushes which is what the kit this polish came in was original bought for. I don’t think I have ever seen a nail kit from them, but I don’t think I would buy one if I did.

Origin GinZing Eye Cream: sample

I am not sure if this actually does anything for me as my under eye circles are more blue and mainly caused by poor blood circulation (they get worse as the day goes on whether I use this or not). I do think it did more for my under eyes than the Benefit eye cream sample I have also been trying, but how much more I can’t really say. I’m currently working on another sample of this, but whether or not I will actually buy a full size once it is finished or try something else is yet to be seen as I am not the most consistent with using moisturizers still, although I am getting better.

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer: Light/Medium

This concealer does not apply well with the fingers as the fingers tend to lift off anything you put down once you start trying to blend it out. It doesn’t apply well with a sponge for the same reason as the fingers. It wasn’t until I opened the second of these that I have and started trying it with paddle foundation brushes (thicker ones than the ones e.l.f. sells) that they actually started looking like they do something and not just disappearing off the skin. They still do not last very long, especially under the eyes as my dark circles get worse as the day wears on and this does not keep up, so I am really looking forward to the day I can say I have finished the second one, but for now I am just happy to throw this away. Neither shade is really my shade and I can only use them on top of foundation because when used directly over skin or primer it is really obvious where I applied it. I use the Medium shade under the eyes as it is a bit orange for me and in theory, though I have never seen it actually work, that should help with the blue. The Light shade I use on blemishes around the face I might have.

Philosophy: Kiss Me Tonight: Intense Lip Therapy

This says it is good for 12 months, I think the consistency of it shifted after about 6 months. I used it almost every night until about the 6 month mark when I noticed it was changing and then I simply didn’t use anything for a few months until I decided to start using something else because I need something to help my lips at night. It worked well while it was working, just wish it had lasted the 12 months listed on the bottom of the container or at least until I had used it up.

e.l.f. liquid eyeliner: Stardust

This was from the original Maleficent Sinister Smoky Eyes book that came out at Walgreens. My husband called every Walgreens within a 50 mile radius when I learned about these and then called Walgreens itself to complain that e.l.f. had announced they would be available on a specific date and it was three weeks later and they still weren’t around. I am a Disney fan, I am a makeup fan, he was going to get one of these books for me no matter what. Walgreens called him back, had a store 30 miles from our home set aside a complete set for me, and he went and bought them. We have always had really good customer service at Walgreens, whether in store or over the phone. The people who run the makeup counter at the Walgreens closest to our home are always friendly and helpful and always call when we have been in looking for something that hadn’t arrived yet. I really don’t have anything bad to say about Walgreens and since then I noticed e.l.f. has not said a specific date things would be in stores since.

As to the liner itself, I only got to use it a couple of times because I didn’t even think of using glitter liners until recently, but the two times I used it, I loved it and I hope to get a new holographic glitter liner in the future, but perhaps when I am in a more consistent state with using the makeup so I don’t waste a whole tube again.

Things not photographed:

There are a couple of mascaras in the bag still because I was planning on actually reviewing those, although by this point it has been so long since I actually used them that I may need to retest, which is probably way it is good that I have a second of the two in the bag. It is nearly to the time to replace the mascara I have currently been using, so if my head is working well enough when it comes time to write about that I will go back through my notes on the other two as well and maybe get all three posted based on the notes, but if I can’t figure out the notes I will simply have to retest, which will help me in figuring out which mascara to try next.