Saturday, December 20, 2014

Influenster Follow up: Aqua Spa Relax Collection

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

This follow up is very late compared to when it was received because I have not felt up to writing this until now. My apologies for how long this has taken to complete.

Of everything that came in the #govoxbox, this was what I was most excited about. I love bathes, I love bath products, anything to make the bath more relaxing is pretty much a win with me.

This product says that it is gently foaming, revitalizes tired muscles, and diminishes the signs of aging on the container.

Gently foaming:
The bath I used this in had no foaming that I was able to perceive, but it also has very soft water and I am rarely able to get much in the way of foaming even with bubble bath so I cannot actually attest to this one way or the other.

Revitalizes tired muscles:
About an hour after the bath my entire body hurt. All of my muscles felt like they were seizing all at once. I am not sure if it was this product or just bad timing because I do deal with regular muscular pain, but not normally the whole body at once. I take a lot of baths and I do not normally have this reaction to them so I did not use this product again because I was in pain for multiple hours once it started. I am pretty sure this was not the intended result and due to my nervous system condition my reaction is unlikely to be normal.

Diminishes the signs of aging:
Because of the above reaction I was not able to use this long enough to test the claim that it diminishes the signs of aging. Also, my skin does not look very old so I am not sure I would have noticed whether or not it did this anyway.

Pictures of product below.