Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Empties: Makeup I Have Used Up: 10-02-2013

This past month saw more than the usual amount of makeup used up and the retirement of a brush once I decided it wasn't worth fighting with it anymore.  But first, the makeup:

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Primer: Green

I have had this since the middle of last year, but I have been very inconsistent with using it, because it took me until last month to figure out how to use it properly, and then it ran out.  For my skin, I have to put a moisturizer on first and let it skin in for 30 minutes before I put the primer on otherwise the primer balls up on my skin and slowly peels off throughout the day.  I am not sure if this is the normal reaction, or I just have weird anti-primer skin, but it was very frustrating until I started using the moisturizer first.

It does help cancel out the redness on the face, but it would also give my skin a kind of ghostly glow.  This may be because I am pale and without the redness in my cheeks I look white as a sheet, but I always used foundation over the top of it, so it never became a problem.

For now I am not repurchasing because during one of CVS's clearance sales my husband bought the Almay correcting primer and I want to finish that before I consider purchases a new primer to try.  So far I am not sure if the Almay primer is better or not, but it does seem to play nicer with the Donna Michelle foundation I have been using in that it seems to almost give some coverage when I use it with the Almay primer, where as when I used it with the Physicians Formula Primer it gave no coverage at all.

e.l.f. Plumping Lip Glaze: Mocha Ice

I only used the lip color side of this and never the plumping side because I like the shape and size of my lips and didn't see the point of trying to make them look larger so I cannot say how well that part worked.  But I can say that the lip color side worked well for me.  The lip color did actually change the color of my lips, with and without a lip balm as a primer.  It would generally last through drinking with a straw, although some color would transfer to the straw.  I do not eat with lip color on so I cannot say how well it would have done there, but I don't imagine very well given that it did come off on the straw.

I was able to get almost all of the color out with the applicator wand included with only a tiny bit at the bottom remaining.  To get that out I removed the stopper that wipes the wand clean and used a lip brush to get the last three applications of color.

I would totally buy this again if given the chance and it is only $1 so a total bargain at that.  It did seem to last a very long time given I used it pretty regularly.

Wet n Wild Fergie Nail Polish: Clear Coat

Even though I haven't been doing nail polishes reviews as much, I have still been putting clear coats on my nails to keep them looking shinny.  I do think the Fergie clear coat dries a little slower than the Wet n Wild fast dry clear coat, but not so much longer that it made me impatience.  Then again, I don't have a whole lot to do during the day at the moment so I may have more free time to wait than you do.  Generally it was touch dry within 5 minutes when used by itself, if over the top of something else I always try and wait 30 minutes before actually attempting to do anything with my fingers after applying.

Today I am retiring the e.l.f. professional flawless face brush.  Given that the brush has not completely fallen apart yet and that is normally my requirement for retiring a brush, you may be wondering why.  Well, the bristles stick together.  When I spot clean the brush the bristles will clump together and not want to separate unless I comb through them.  And when I deep cleaned the brush once a week it was like the bristles became one large matt and would take lots of combing to separate them.  This is also the most shedding brush I have ever used; it never seemed to stop shedding.  The last complaint is that I think it was removing my foundation.  I used this to apply the loose powder to my face after the foundation and most of the time my face was more red after using this than it was before I used the powder which makes no sense.  I would have to use the lightest touch possible to prevent it from lifting the foundation and when you don't always have that precise of control over your arm muscles and hand muscles it can be difficult.  While the e.l.f. brush was only $1, this would be a case where I would suggest spending more on a powder brush if you have the option to because the cheaper option does not work just as well as the more expensive one.

It is being replaced with the powder brush from this years Kirkland brush set at Costco which solves all three of my problems.  The bristles do not stick together.  The shedding so far has been minimal, although it has been happening. And because the bristles are so soft and light even when I apply pressure to my face while dusting on the face powder it doesn't seem to remove the foundation.  I am very happy with the new brush.