Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finishing Pro 330 Posh Pink

Nail Polish:    Rimmel Lasting Finishing Pro 330 Posh Pink

Bottle on the right end

Day Applied:    8/3/13

Cost: (Without any discounts)    $1 due to CVS' semi annual clearance sale (normally $3.99)

Coats until same color as the bottle:   

One coat is all that is needed and may actually be better than using two.  With two coats I am having a small problem with the nail polish getting impressions in it.

Cream    yes

Drying time:    Five to ten minutes until touch dry.

Image after one coat:   

Image after two coats:   

Day Two:   

Left middle nail, minor tip wear.

Day Two Image   

Day Three:   

Left pinky nail, tiny chip.  Right thumb nail, I broke the nail.  Right all nails have light tip wear.

Day Three Image   

Day Four:   

Left nails, all, slight tip wear. Right middle nail, small chip on left side.

Day Four Image   

Day Five:   

Both middle nails, tip wear much more obvious.  Right middle worse than left middle.

Day Five Image   

Day Six:   

Both hands, tip wear getting more obvious.  Right index, small to medium chip

Day Six Image   

Day Seven:   

Right pinky nail and ring nails now have small chips as well.

Day Seven Image   

Day Eight:   

Left hand, tip wear slightly more obvious.  Right hand pinky and ring nails now each have two small chips.

Day Eight Image   

Day Nine:   

Both middle nails showing a lot of chipping. Right is worse than left.  Both thumbs almost completely polish free because I pealed some oranges.

Day Nine Image   

Day Ten:   

More tip wear on the right nails, almost all of the whites exposed.

Day Ten Image   

Website for brand:    http://us.rimmellondon.com/