Friday, October 11, 2013

One Note…L.A. Colors Lip Gloss in Squeeze Tube

What the product is:

The L.A. Colors Lip Glosses in Squeeze Tubes are sold in two packs at Dollar Trees.  I have two different two packs, but have only tried the ones shown above.

How it was applied:

I have tried applying this directly on the lips from the squeeze tube, over a lip balm from the squeeze tube, and both directly on lips and over a lip balm applied with a brush.

What I learned in the application and wear of the product:

This is very sticky lip gloss.  I generally love all things L.A. Colors, including their lip glosses with wand applicators, so I was really surprised just how sticky this was.  When applied directly to the lips it is so sticky I actually had a hard time pulling my lips apart and got the stringy threads of lip gloss trying to pull the lips back together.  When applied over a lip balm it was only slightly less sticky to the lips, but still too sticky for me.  Also, when you try to remove the lip gloss with a tissue or paper towel, you will probably have lots of little paper fibers stuck to your mouth for the rest of the day.

In their defense, they do give more color than the wand applicator lip glosses, at least when applied over a lip balm, but at such a high cost it makes me not want to use them.  The wand applicator glosses are slightly tacky when applied, but they have never made my lips feel like they are sealed shut like these do.  I have told my husband not to buy any more squeeze tube lip glosses from L.A. Colors, which so far is the only thing from the brand I don't like. 

Eye shadows, liquid eye liner, pressed face powder, blushes, lip sticks, and lip glosses with wand applicator have all worked well for me, this did not.  I have not tried everything from L.A. Colors so I cannot say this is the only thing that missed the mark from them, just that so far it is the only thing I have found to miss the mark.  Because so much else form the brand does work well I would still recommend any of the other products I mentioned above; I would just suggest giving this one a miss until they reformulate it.  Hopefully they will reformulate it.