Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Note…ColorMates Eye Shadow and Blush Brushes

What the product is:

These four ColorMates Brushes, two blush brushes and two eye shadow brushes were bought at the Dollar Tree.

How it was used:

As per general recommendation I washed the brushes before use with Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo and left to dry over night.

What I learned in the application:

I haven't actually used these to apply makeup because they smell very badly.  I actually washed these four separate times with the baby shampoo and allowed to dry and could never get the smell to go away.  The closest thing I can compare the smell to is wet dog.  Don't ask how I know what a wet dog smells like since I do not own a dog and never have, but that is the only thing I can think of when the brush comes near my face.  And it is not a nice smelling wet dog, it is a very bad smelling wet dog, like it rolled around in something and that is why you are trying to wash it.

I haven't been able to bring myself to put these against my skin on my face because of how strong the smell is.  The bristles against the hand do not feel soft and the eye shadow bristles are loosely packed which generally makes the eye shadow more difficult to control.


If you have access to a Target, I would recommend the e.l.f. $1 eye shadow brush as it is the same cost as these and you have the options of a flat shader brush and a crease brush in that line.  The e.l.f. blush brush in the $1 line is not the best blush brush I have used, but at least I have never had one that smelled bad.  These brushes also occasionally pop up at Dollar Trees and of course there is always the option of ordering from the www.eyeslipsface.com website.  They do offer free shipping if you purchase enough products.