Monday, September 2, 2013

Keep in Mind: August

 Not reviewed Keep In Mind:

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Eyeliners

I have really been enjoying the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Eyeliners my mother sent me for my birthday at the end of July for the entire month of August and I have a feeling they will be getting a lot of use until they are used up and then I probably will try and repurchase them because they work so well.

I primarily have used the brown and the black ones, although I did try a purple one day on the upper lash line as well.  If my lower lash line were not so sensitive I could see using the lighter shades and colorful liners on there more often, but unfortunately anything immediately on the lower lash line seems to make that part of my skin hurt.

I have found them to give a good amount of color, they glide on very easily, and they seem to last all day for me without fading.  If you swatch them on the back of your hand you can see then different colored shimmers in them if you look really closely, but I have yet to be able to really see the shimmers when on my actual upper lash line.  I do like to try and match the shimmers in the browns and blacks to what I am wearing that day, when possible, just in case it does catch the light just right and shows up.

While I do have a couple of colors I am not sure when I would use as a liner, I plan to try them out as inner corner highlights and eye shadow bases to see how they preform in that way in the future so that all of my eye liners will have a function in my collection.

At CVS they are $11.99 for one trio, which isn't that bad of a price when you consider that you are getting three eyeliners per trio, bringing the cost per liner down to $4 and most of the other eyeliner listed on their website cost more than $4 per eyeliner, some as high as $10; and if you can get them on sale it is even better. 

If you don't think you are likely to use a colorful eyeliner, but are interested in these, I would start with one that comes with a brown and a black (blue eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes, and warm nude all include a brown of slightly different shades) so that you will at least have two that you will definitely have a use for.  I would also consider the more colorful eyeliners a kind of challenge color, as a way to challenge yourself to use something outside of your comfort zone and see if you can find a way to make it work for you.