Friday, August 2, 2013

Keep In Mind: July

While I have enjoyed my makeup this month, nothing really leapt out at me this time as I tried to think about what I really loved.  I have some new things that I was given for my birthday at the end of the month, but I haven't used them enough to really call it a favorite either.

If I had to pick something to do with makeup I would say I was fascinated by orange based eye shadows this month.  Whether it be a straight orange, a light peach, or a brown with an orange undertone I could not stop staring at them even when I wasn't applying them.  I don't know how many orange swatches I had on my hands and arms this month, but it was a multiple digit number.

But one thing I did find myself grateful that I had was my Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion so for this month I definitely want to keep this in mind.

First, a little about the problem that spawned the purchase of this product.  Several months ago, it may have even been last year, my husband bought me some hand soaps from Bath & Body Works in different formulas and scents that he thought I would like and I was all excited because I love bath products almost as much as I love makeup and you can never have too much soap.  After using one of the hand soaps for a week or two I noticed my hands were pealing, it looked like I had a rash on my hands, and my knuckles were very dry and cracking to the point that they started bleeding which is what really caught my attention.  It was winter and I wash my hands a lot, so I thought that maybe that was why my hands were drying out so much. 

My husband read the ingredient lists of all of the different bottles and discovered that they have mango listed as an ingredient in all of the formulas he bought, which is a problem because I am allergic to mangos, which we figured out is why my hands were so ridiculously dried out and the knuckles were bleeding.  So we gave the hand soap to his parents (I think, it has been a while), I took allergy medicine for a little while, switched to using Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash as my hand soap and started using up all of the moisturizers we had in the house from bath sets my husband has bought me over the years, because as I mentioned, I love bath products, but I am also really bad about using moisturizer because in generally I have never really had dry skin.

Most of the skin on my hands did clear up, but my knuckles just never really healed, and would still crack and occasionally they would even bleed from it.  We then bought a body butter from The Body Shop in Chocomania because I love the smell of chocolate and people on YouTube were talking about how good body butters were at moisturizing because they are so thick.  Turns out I am allergic to this product as well and my husband read the ingredient list before we bought it and the people at The Body Shop had been really helpful with trying to make sure there was nothing in it I was allergic to, but it seems we don't know the full extent of my allergies yet.  So I had another set back with the skin, more allergy medicine, and tried to be even better about using the moisturizers we were sure I wasn't allergic to after washing my hands each time.  But still my knuckles never really healed.

About a month or two ago my husband was at Costco and found a two pack of the Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion.  He bought it because it said Natural on the bottle and didn't have anything we know I am allergic to on the ingredient list.  I started using it that night and by the next morning my hands appeared completely healed.

When I first started using I was applying it first thing in the morning and before bed because of how badly my knuckles had dried out and hurt for fear the cracking would reappear.  Now, so long as I use it once in the morning every day I don't seem to need to reapply it after each hand washing like I did with the other moisturizers I have been using.  I still use the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash as a hand soap since I do not appear to be allergic to that.

I am not sure if this is a regular item for Costco or if this was something they don't normally have, but I am grateful my husband found it and bought it for me.  Once I finish the two bottle I am certain we will be buying more even if it is at regular pricing to make sure my skin never dries out and cracks like it did again.