Sunday, August 18, 2013

Freebies: Influenster: Kiss

When I reviewed the Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure for Influenster I applied for the Brand Challenge as well.  For this brand challenge they just had to see that I had completed all of the required steps, which I did.  But you can still never be sure if you are actually going to qualify, they may not have gotten enough prizes to give to everyone who completed the challenge if they had an unusually high number of applicants and other possible reasons I am sure I could come up with if I thought long and hard enough about it.

I would like to thank Influenster and Kiss for these products and making it possible for me to receive them.

Now for what was in the package:

First, there is a nice congratulatory note which I appreciated and let me know that I need to follow Kiss and Broadway nails on Instagram, because I am not sure I am right now.

I received:
  • Clear Strip Lash Adhesive
  • Kiss Premium Eyelashes in 01 (this and the lash glue will go in my middle of the night I need something to distract me for a few hours box.  I have a few fake lashes now and I do use them, although I don't post about it on my Daily Makeup tumblr because they typically take me longer to apply than they actually stay on because while I am not a lash fanatic, I do find the process of putting on lashes and the look afterwards very amusing)
  • Kiss Gradation Polishes 58086 (this I am very excited about and I am also thrilled I got this set because I love gold polishes, like to a ridiculous level, especially with gold glitter so a more perfect set could not have been found I am sure.  I do plan to review this at some point in the future as well so look out for that)
I am looking forward to using these and who knows, I may some day figure out how to apply fake lashes without it taking an hour for one lash and then get really in to them.  And then my husband will laugh because I always say they are not really my thing and just like everything else I try just a little bit, get way too into and he has to start setting a monthly lash budget so I don't blow through lashes too quickly.