Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Colormates Lipstick & Lipliner Pencil in 62621 Ginger Spice

This was purchased for me, by my husband, at Dollar Tree, a few days before the posted date of this review.

Characteristics of the lip liner:
It is clear when applied
It is smooth when applying, feels like a wax.
Should probably hold the point at a 90 degree angle to the lip because the wood of the pencil can rub up against the lip even at a 45 degree angle due to shallowness of point.

Characteristics of the lip stick: 
Creamy in consistency when applied
Comfortable to wear throughout the day
Has micro-glitter within it, but cannot feel the micro-glitter when rubbing lips together
Does transfer onto teeth when first applied, did not find it there again later in the day when tested.
When wiped off with a napkin, micro-glitter stays attached to lip and also transfers to the chin; would recommend not wiping off, but dabbing off if not in front of a mirror and without access to water to remove glitter.
Does transfer off when eating and drinking
Wear time was at least 3 hours, I always removed before it wore off. I do not tend to wear lip sticks for extended periods of time.

A note about the appearance of the lip stick depending on how you apply the lip liner: 

The first time I applied the lip liner, I applied it just outside my lip line to keep the lip stick from transferring outside of the lip line, with the lip stick being applied only to my bare lips, which worked just fine. The second time I applied the lip liner just inside my lip line along the edge of the lip line only with the lip stick being applied over the top of the lip liner and my bare lips. This resulted in the lips appearing two different colors. The inner part of the lips where the lip stick was applied to bare lips is a slightly lighter, less opaque shade than the outer part of the lips where the liner was applied. I would recommend that if you are used to lining the inside line of your lips with liner only, that you may want to completely fill the lips with the clear liner if you do not want to apply it over whatever makeup may be just outside of your natural lip line. It is only a shade or two darker with the liner under it as opposed to on bare lips so it may not be an issue for some, I myself do not really find it a problem, but I did want to mention it since it may be an undesirable result for others.

I like this lip stick and lip liner duo and will continue using it regularly.