Saturday, August 15, 2015

Review: Maybelline Great Wear Lip: 120 Woodrose

This was purchased for me by my husband at Dollar Tree. Availability is questionable.

The Maybelline Great Wear Lip stick in 120 Woodrose is a creamy matte lip stick when applied. It does have some shine to it initially, particularly if you apply it over a balm, but does dry down to a matte. If you use it without a balm it will dry down more quickly and can make the lips feel dried out which is why I do recommend using a balm under the lip stick. The color is opaque and bright on the lips with a several hour lasting time. Though it will transfer off with eating and drinking, a pink stain does seem to be left behind.
In regards to the balm suggested for use with the lip stick to keep it feeling more comfortable to wear for multiple hours, I would recommend a waxy balm that will help to hold the color in place. On one of the occasions that I reapplied this, I tried it on top of a slick balm, and it did not adhere to the lips well at all, giving a very patchy appearance. When used with a thicker, modestly waxy balm, it goes on smoothly. While I can see the lines in my lips with it on, it does not sink into them and it does not seem to cause problems with any flaky spots on the lips, at least for me.

I enjoy this lip stick and it will stay as part of my day makeup.