Thursday, August 6, 2015

Keep In Mind: July 2015

This month's thing to keep in mind is not a makeup product, but a tool to help brushes dry more quickly and prevent water from softening the glue on the bristles, therefore making the brushes last longer.

This is something I have been wanting every since I first learned of them as a couple of my early brushes did end up with some unfortunate misshaping of the bristles due to them laying on one side too long when I was unable to turn them at regular intervals. I had mentioned to my husband at the beginning of the year or the end of last year that I would like one of these one day when he was searching for something else online and, because he occasionally orders makeup for me online, an ad popped up for a brush tree on Amazon. He saved the brush tree to his wish list and then later, when it got closer to my birthday, he did some research into brush trees, found the best reviews on this particular one, and emailed my parents that this would be a good birthday gift for me if they had not already thought of something (my husband had already blown his budget for my birthday an then some when he emailed them). My parents order two of them and they arrived a week or two before my birthday. I was over come with joy because of how much I had wanted to have one of these and now I have two. 

Currently I only have one that I keep put together and the other stays flat because I am running out of room to store things that are not makeup. I know you are supposed to be able to take them back apart to store them flat after use, but it was so hard for me to get it put together (because of my disability, not the product) that I thought it best to just leave it in its ready for use state. Also I wash which ever brushes I use immediately after I have completed my makeup so they get washed every day and therefore, it is rarely not in use. I am grateful to have these and I am glad that one brush tree looks like it could hold all of the brushes I might use in one day, and having two of them means that if for some reason I cannot wash my brushes on one day, I still have the second brush tree so that I can wash two days worth of brushes the next, assuming I am able to.

So far it has helped to cut down the drying time of the brushes that I have dried in it, some more than others. I am also glad to know that my brushes should now last longer and will not be in danger of becoming miss-shapened because for one reason or another, after I washed them, I could not get back to them. It is also making carrying the brushes to be washed and after they are washed easier as I would often drop them before because of my disability again making it challenging for me to hold on to things sometimes.