Thursday, July 4, 2013

Holiday Nails: Independence Day 2013 (4th of July)

I get very sentimental about all things related to the United States of America its flag, national anthem, and anything else that I associate with this day. Do I think we do everything right, no, there are a lot of things this country has done that I am not proud of, but I am still glad I am from here and live here.

Flag and Fireworks for Independence Day


If you saw my Easter nails for 2013 you may have noticed they were just white shimmery nails because I am terrible at nail art.  But I love my country's flag and really wanted to represent it some how that was more than just alternating red/white/blue nails.  But I am also really terrible at nail art and everything I was coming up with was beyond what I could actually do so I asked my husband for suggestions, giving him the nail polishes I have in the color scheme I wanted to use.

He suggested I paint a flag on my thumb nail and then do blue for the night sky with the glitter top coat as fireworks on the all blue nails so that when I held my nails the way they are in the top photo it would look like fireworks over the flag.

The first couple of attempts were major fails with me smearing more nail polish and spilling about half the tiny blue bottle because my fingers just did not want to co-operate with me at the time I was trying this.  I eventually (in the middle of the night) got it to work, but decided that instead of trying to do the whole flag, to scale, on my thumb nail, that I would just do a very small section of a normal sized flag on the nail so that you would get all of the colors but I didn't have to worry as much about my lines overlapping as much; also, there is no way I was going to get 50 little star dots on one nail.  I only put the "fireworks" on the two middle nails of the blue ones because I cannot stand having glitter on every nail.  I love glitter, but if it is on more than two nails per hand it just gets to be too much.

The right hand is the same accept without the flag because I am right handed and my painting skills are even worse with that hand.

Nail Polish used:

Madame Milly Red, L.A. Colors BCC 656, Rimmel 110 French White Nail Tip Liner, Physicians Formula Trendsetter Chic darkest blue, Limited Edition Wet n Wild fastdry 33835 School of Pyrotechnics (from 2012 collection of glitter top coats that came out around the same time last year.)

Not Shown: 

On my toes, I alternating red and blue toe nails with white tips using the Rimmel polish.  No picture because it did not come out well enough, but I think if I had more practice with doing french tip manicures and pedicures this would have looked really cute.  Like the idea, my execution of it is the only problem.