Monday, July 1, 2013

Keep in Mind: June

Not reviewed Keep In Mind:

L.A. Colors Lipstick in BLC12 Cherry Red
L.A. Colors Lipgloss & Lipstick Duo in BLC 824 Sensual


This month saw the return of rather hot weather so my use of makeup has been decreasing at least in the amount put on at one time. 

When I thought about what I had used, how it had worked, and how it made me feel I found that I had two favorites that if I ran out of, there is no question I would want to re-buy them.  L.A. Colors Lipstick in BLC12 Cherry Red and L.A. Colors Lipgloss & Lipstick Duo in BLC 824 Sensual saw several applications and even though this formula does seem to have a problem when the temperature is too warm, if I applied them in the morning when it was a little cooler they worked very well.  I do also find that they last on the lips several hours.  In general I remove lip stick before eating so I cannot say how they handle surviving that.

These lip sticks do apply full color with little effort although I would not recommend leaving the house with either in your bag and definitely not your pocket.  Once the temperature gets around 80 f. they soften up enough that the color does not apply well and there is a lot of streaking going on.  If you are taking this to work, make sure once you get there that it stays in the air conditioning and apply inside, not out in the car or while walking.

The main reason they became favorites for me is because the colors made me feel good when I put them on.  The pink is very bright and stands out a mile so I know that when I wear it, people will notice it and therefore realize I am female.  The red, while something I haven't worn outside of the home and on a couple of car rides because I am not daring enough to wear red lip stick in public, does help to make me feel more bold and daring and that is always a good feeling for someone who prefers to always be safe. 

These are only $1 at Dollar Tree and I imagine would be similarly priced else where.  So while they are not particularly expensive and they do have their problems with heat, for my purposes they work very well and make me very happy.  I have other reds and bright pinks that cost more and might work better in warmer temperatures, but part of why they do not get as much use is that cost so for me something that is a $1 holds more value over something that is $5-8 because it will actually get used.