Monday, May 11, 2015

One Note: Aziza Blush in Natural

The Aziza blush in Natural was purchased at the 99 Cent Store, so the price listed on the packaging is not the one that was paid. I used this blush on May 6th and May 9th of this year.


The back of the packaging suggests using the darker shade as a contour, which I did. It did not work out well, primarily because this blush comes off as a dusty rose color and that does not work well as a contour, at least one me. The lighter shade worked very well as a blush. I cannot speak to how long it lasted because I look pink in the cheeks all the time, so I can only really see blush when first applied, after that I am not sure if I am seeing the blush or the pinkness of my own skin. When I did apply it, I could see it well as a natural looking flush. It blended easily and did not take much work to get a level of color and shape that I was looking for.


On this day I decided to try the darker shade as a blush and see how it worked. It applied on the cheeks well and gave a slightly more flushed look than the first blush, but still fairly natural. It applied easily, blended well, and did not take much effort to get the shape and color level I was after.

Thoughts on Blush

I was very happy I tried this as I have a few things from this line, but have only ever swatched them as far as I can remember. Also being that is a line regularly appearing at our 99 Cent Store and seems to have good pigmentation and blend-ability, it makes me look forward to trying out more things from the line as I get to them.