Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Influenster Review: PROFOOT Triad Orthotic

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I am the wrong person to do a review for anything related to the feet. I don’t like shoes and I spend the majority of my time barefoot. When I am wearing shoes, they are sandals and they are only worn to leave the house or the running sandals we found so I could exercise on a treadmill and exercise bike. Shoes make my feet feel very restricted and I tend to fall over more in them because I walk with my feet rather close together and so when I am wearing shoes, they catch on the other shoe. I nearly fell over several times while trying to review these inserts. So I did my best, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I didn’t have very high hopes going in to this testing and review period.

For this product I was mainly looking to see if it would make wearing my running shoes that I haven’t used in over five years wearable again because they were custom fit to my foot and even those I can’t stand wearing.

But first, the packaging and text from it:

Front of PROFOOT Triad Orthotic

Womens 6-10
Knee, leg or Back Pain?
Triad Orthotic
Clinically proven to relieve knee, leg & back pain

3 Zones of Comfort
Cradles balls of feet
Supports arches
Cushions heels

3/4 length
Won’t crowd toes

One pair

Money back guarantee
We stand by our products

VFT Vita-Foam Technology

Back of PROFOOT Triad Orthotic

Womens 6-10
Knee, leg or Back Pain?
Triad Orthotic
Clinically proven to relieve knee, leg & back pain

Studies show that a common cause of knee, leg and back pain is poor foot alignment.
Triad Orthotic inserts help correct poor foot alignment to promote relief of knee, leg and back pain. You’ll feel a dramatic difference from the very first step. The triple action ergonomic design aligns your foot, provides comfort and supports the three zones of your foot: ball of foot, arch, and heel.

Triad Orthotics are 3/4 length to allow toes to move freely inside shoes and prevent cramping.

Made with Vita-Foam Technology

3 Zones of Cushioned Comfort

Cradles the ball of the foot and prevents that burning sensation
Comfort and supports arch
Cushions heel from impact

The PROFOOT Money Back Guarantee - We stand by our products
We’re confident that you’ll love your PROFOOT Triad Orthotic Inserts. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please return for a complete refund or replacement.

©2013 Profoot, Inc.
74 20th St., Brooklyn, NY 11232

Profoot, Triad and Vita-Foam are registered trademarks of Profoot, Inc.

USA Made

Now on with the review:

First, I removed the inserts from the package and found the instructions for inserting them and the glue dots with their instructions.

The shoes that I was placing these in already had inserts in them so those were removed.

The glue dots were placed on the back of the new inserts and then the new inserts were placed in their proper shoes.

Then I tried walking around our home in them. I kept rubbing the shoes together which is not the fault of the insert but a reminder as to why I don’t normally wear shoes. I also walked on our treadmill for a short while to get an idea of whether or not the running shoes I placed them in would now become useful.

Thoughts about how the inserts felt:

I noticed quickly the line made by the inserts on the bottom of my feet. The sensation never went away and I wore them a couple of times for an hour each trying to see if it would. Even when sitting down I could still feel the line and it was very distracting and uncomfortable for me. I also have very sensitive feet so this may not be a problem for everyone.

The heel part was cushiony although no more than the sandals I normally wear to exercise. That just makes me feel like the sandals I normally use must be very good since the inserts to the touch do seem cushiony as well.

Even with the shoelaces loosened I still couldn’t keep the running shoes on for more than an hour and I am not likely to wear them again any time soon. Also, I will be removing the PROFOOT inserts because the original inserts were full length and given how annoying the line created by the 3/4 length inserts was for me, I think I am going to have to stick with full length inserts should I ever manage to wear the shoes again.

Just a reminder, I have incredibly sensitive feet and so others may not have the same reaction to these inserts as I did. I do think if they had been full length inserts, I probably would have left them in the shoes, because that would have eliminated my one complaint I had about the actual inserts since most of my problems during this review period were more with wearing shoes that were not sandals than the actual inserts themselves.