Monday, June 8, 2015

One Note: L.A. Colors Blush in Spice

This blush was purchased for me, by my husband, at Dollar Tree, for $1.

This blush was tried twice, once on Thursday because Wednesday was not an option, and once again on Saturday of last week. Both of the times I used this blush without a cream base, because I could not find one in a similar tone and it was already showing more pink on my cheeks than the color it appears to me in the pan. When swatched on the back of my hand, both with my finger and with a brush, it showed as the color it appears in the pan. Because the foundation/concealer I am using does not really cover the already pinkness of my cheeks, I think that is why it showed more pink on the cheeks.

I can state that on the cheeks and on the back of my hand, it applied smoothly, and blended out well around the edges. I think if you have a less rosy base to work with, meaning not naturally pink cheeks, this will probably work just fine for you. I really liked the shade it appeared on the back of my hand and if I ever get to a foundation/concealer combo that sufficiently covers said pinkness, I will probably get a lot of use out of this.