Thursday, June 4, 2015

Keep In Mind: May 2015

L.A. Colors lipstick, blush & eyeshadow all - n - one

This product became a favorite to use during the month of May as a cream blush. When blended out, it gave a nice sheer pink tinge to the cheeks that I enjoyed. It also gives a bit of a glow to the cheeks, which I like, because I think I look healthier when I use this. I have also used this as a lip color, which worked out just fine; I have not used it as an eye shadow yet, although it is something I am considering.

The general order of application for me with this product is as such. First primer, second liquid foundation, third L.A. Colors lipstick, blush & eyeshadow all - n - one, forth translucence setting powder, optional fifth powder blush. I do primarily use it under other powder blushes, but the times I used it without adding a powder blush on top looked nice as well. Typically the powder blush is added more to bring the blush in line with the overall look I am going for as I only have this product in one shade.