Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Never Used: 03/11/2015

Normally when a makeup product ends up not being used it is because I either waited too long to use and it expired or I ended up being allergic to it. In this case I just couldn't get into it in the first place.

While rearranging some eye shadows today I was randomly opening things to swatch them because that is just something I do whenever I am looking at my makeup and when I tried to open the e.l.f. eye shadow duo in black licorice it didn't budge. Now I do have shoulder pain currently going on and my fingers are not always cooperative, but I did feel like this was unusually tight for a screw on lid on an e.l.f. eye shadow duo, because I have several from this line and normally I can open them with no problem so long as my fingers are working well.

So I sat the duo aside to let my husband try since he is better at opening things like that and might have tools to help it open. Well, he tried pliers, screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, pipe wrench, and then banged it a little too hard and broke the light grey shadow. Once the first shadow was broken he took a hammer to it to try and figure out why it would not open, which broke the darker grey shadow, which resulted in the mess you see in the picture above. Since these were not particularly unique colors I told him it wasn't a big deal because I have more grey shadows, I even have more grey shadows from e.l.f. My husband did feel bad about breaking the shadows and I am sure if I asked him to he would replace it, but I am not going to because as I said, I have more grey eye shadows.