Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Keep In Mind: February 2015

Kirkland's Angled Liner/Spoolie brush

This brush was in a kit Costco occasionally sells but not consistently so I am not sure if it is currently available. What I use this brush for is to fill in my eyebrows. In the past I primarily used an e.l.f. flat liner brush to fill in my brows, but one day all of those brushes were dirty and so I picked up this one to use and found that it did a better job of making my eye brows look more natural/not too dark as they would on occasion get when using the e.l.f. brush. I generally just use the angled liner side as I have a separate spoolie brush I use to brush out my brows because I always forget this brush has a spoolie built into as well. Other than occasionally going outside of my brow line because of my coordination issues, not because of the brush itself, I feel like this brush give me better control and applying brow powder over the e.l.f. brush and I wanted to remind myself to continue using it.

I know there was something I wanted to post about that didn't work well for me, but I cannot remember what it was right now; hopefully I will remember by next month.